Tuesday, October 29, 2013

the PPP process


I usually don't do this but I feel like warning to some people who have lately received offers to participate in PPP programs. 

Having a look on Internet I am amazed to see how many people are going around giving wrong information to possible clients, especially since the current economic crisis started. 

Although the PPPs exist, it is not that easy to have access to them. In fact, it took me twenty years to have access to one of the five bank traders in the world who are allowed to take on board these type of financial operations. 

When considering investing your money in a PPP, you should know that usually a serious trader will not accept less than 50 million Euros, although the usual amount to invest is 100 million Euros/Dollars. 

The process is the following: the investor (or client) contacts someone with access to the trader. Then, the trader will require the identification of the investor and a series of bank document related to the money to be invested in order to check its origin and to make sure that the money is "clean" before issuing the Due Diligence (this means that the money has not been obtained from illegal operations like drug dealing). 

Then, the client will open a bank account (the trader can also do it) in the bank of his/her election (among the ones allowed to participate in PPPs). The next step is that the trader sends a document to the client asking for his authorization to block the account so the trader could start the program. In general terms, the program lasts for 40 weeks and during that time the money invested remains on its blocked account and only the client (investor) has access to it but cannot touch it. 

This operation generates between 50% to 300% in benefits depending on the money invested and the best is that the risk is none. These benefits will be sent to another account opened by the trader but only accessible to the client, who can retire funds when he wants. 

After 40 weeks, the initial bank account, where the invested money has been deposited, will be unblocked and the client can get the money that he invested.

I will recommend you to be aware of people who require money in advanced (the investor should not pay any money in advanced and even the telephone calls and faxes are paid by the trading platform) and to run away from those who tell you that you can join a PPP with less than 50 million Euros. I have read in some forums that they offer PPPs for $1000!!! which is clearly a fraud. 

Feel free to contact me for more information if you receive an offer and you are not sure about its authenticity. 

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