Friday, November 8, 2013

Top Tier PPP Trade Programs

This information is for eductional purposes only and provided on a best efforts basis whereby principles are responsible for their own decisions. Programs are subject to amendment or revision and can close at any time.

The platform will only trade assets that are currently in the banking system. However, several different blocking mechansims via administrative hold, "ping", SWIFT or KTT are acceptable as well as non-account block programs. Interbank grey screen, Euroclear and DTC are also acceptable to block or screen assets.

Flexible programs offer trades for the following acceptable assets (Note: assets not listed are not acceptable):

1. Cash-1M
2. Certificate of Deposit (CD)-100M
3. Bank Guarantee (BG)-100M
4. Stand by Letter of Credit (SBLC)-100M
5. Medium Term Note (MTN)-100M
6. Bank Draft (BD)-100M
7. Treasuries (T-Strip/T-Bill/T-Note/T-Bond)-100M
8. Credit Line-100M
9. Leased Instrument-500M (SWIFT MT760 block only)
10. Gold-500M
11. Gold Backed Certificate (GBC)-500M
12. Safe Keeping Receipt (SKR)-500M
13. Heritage Funds-500M
14. Promissory Note (PN)-500M
15. Collateralized Mortgage Obligation (CMO)-1B (SBA are not acceptable)

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