Thursday, November 21, 2013

The process: PPP

·         We require clients to fill some document that will serve the trader to check whether or not the funds and the client are suitable to enter in a program. If the client is suitable, the trader will issue a due diligence and require an unofficial trading contract to the bank.
·         At this point, I will require the client to update his information as the banks only allow five days old proof of funds and RWA in order to issue the official trading contract. As you may know, the banks consider a document out of days after 5 days.
·         Once we have this information, the trader will calculate the profitability and issue the contract. In the meantime, I will ask (through you) the client to sign the commissions of the platform (do be charged over benefits). This commission will be included in the contract and the trader will contact the client to arrange the meeting and signature of the contract. Then, the trader will identify himself to the client and show him his license, if he wishes so. The trader will also send a copy of the contract to the client and will give the client the exact profitability of his program.

In general terms PPP for clients

·         We don’t charge a single cent upfront. We only charge 10% commission OVER THE BENEFITS OF THE CLIENT, NEVER BEFORE. This means that if we don’t do our work and the client does not obtain benefits, we will not get paid (but this never happen as our trader always delivers).
·         The expenses derived from the operation, like MT 760, etc… are paid by the trader, not the client.
·         The funds invested in the program will ALWAYS remain in the account of the client.
·         We will ONLY open accounts in the name of the client where he or she could receive the benefits.
·         The client will block the funds participating in the program only after signing the contract and agree with its terms.
·         The profitability of the program will be given to the client by the trader a few days before the signing of the contract and it will be included in the contract (usually between 250% and 400% annually). In the rare event that the trader does not provide the promised profitability, the client can cancel the contract with ZERO COST and keep the benefits generated up to the moment.
·         We strongly recommend the clients to be accompanied by a lawyer or a consultant at the moment of the signature of the contract. The client is also entitled to bring with him a translator in the case that his/her mother tongue is not English as all contracts are written in English. We want our clients to feel completely sure before signing and to check that everything is legal and transparent.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Good news for americans.......... 1 million USD PPP now in USA

First time in USA small size PPP platform.
HSBC New York is doing PPP of 1000 000, USD.

Its a cash holding program.

You don't need shift your money from your account.
Just only 45 days holding period.
100 % profit ( profit will be given in advance as bullet payment )
when you giving the holding letter, the profit money will transfer to your account.

limited CIS.


Friday, November 8, 2013

Long Term 40 Week Programs

*Program #8.) 40 Week Trade: Select top rated major banks are accepted. 100M minimum, 10B maximum. Cash and bank instruments are acceptable. The program is a 40 week trade with historical returns of 50-100% per week to the investor. Assets can be blocked via ping, administrative hold or SWIFT (MT760, MT799, MT542 or MT103) depending on the custodial bank.

*Program #9.) 40 Week Fed Interbank Block Trade: Top rated major banks are accepted. 500M minimum, 100B maximum. Cash including Heritage funds, and bank instruments are acceptable. Assets that are or will be registered on any interbank screen (ie: grey screen), Euroclear or DTC are acceptable. The program is a 40 week trade with historical returns of 50% per month, paid out monthly. Assets will be blocked on screen with no SWIFT requirement. (Note: Heritage funds will get an LTV of 20% with 50% monthly returns.)

*Program #10.) 40 Week CMO Buy/Sell Trade: CMO must be deposited in a BBB+ rated bank. Assets in a brokerage firm must be moved to a BBB+ rated bank after contract. 1B minimum, 10B maximum but more is allowable but traded in 10B tranches. The LTV or cash value is 50-70%. Returns are based on best efforts depending on the number of trades transacted per week. However, the minimum historically weekly return is 10% per week over the 40 week trade period. The CMO must be moved to a platform approved bank in the name of the investor. The blocking mechanism is via administrative hold or SWIFT MT760 once moved to the platform's bank. A 3% advance is offered upon confirmation of the asset block.

*Program #11.) 40 Week Small Cap Trade: Top rated major banks are accepted. 5M cash minimum, 25M bank instrument minimum. The program is a 40 week trade with historical returns of 25% or greater per month to the investor. All assets must be blocked via SWIFT MT760.

Most trades can be concurrently entered with other trades using previous trade profits to compound and maximize returns. Please get scenarios approved before submitting. Note that the stated minimums amounts are not negotiable. However, the stated maximum amounts can be accepted depending on the scenario. Scenarios must include the following information:

1. Asset amount.
2. Asset type (Cash, CD, BG, SBLC, MTN, etc.)
3. Issuing bank of the asset.
4. Custodial bank name and branch location (Ex: HSBC Geneva, Citibank Australia, Deutsche Bank New York, etc)
5. Able or preferred blocking mechanism.

Submissions must be currently dated within 3 days and meet other specifics of the platform's requirements. Existing packages prepared for other trade entities will not be accepted. The submission requirements will be sent upon request. Feel free to contact me with any questions, concerns or scenarios.

Current program overviews:

Short Term "Bullet" Programs

*Program #1.) Daily Hong Kong Tear Sheet Bullet Trade: HSBC Hong Kong and Standard Chartered Hong Kong are accepted. 10M minimum, 5B maximum. Cash only is acceptable. The investor is required to visit the bank branch and provide a tear sheet on a daily basis. Historical returns to the investor are 50% per day and paid daily. The investor is able to enter the trade up to 30 consecutive banking days before rolling into a 40 week program that pays out weekly. No account blocking is required on this trade. (Note: Other top banks headquartered in Hong Kong are acceptable with a SWIFT funds block.)

*Program #2.) Daily MTN Buy/Sell Trade: Top rated major banks are accepted. 500M minimum, 10B maximum. Cash or bank instruments are acceptable. Returns are paid out daily over a 40 week contract period. Returns are best efforts based on the number of trades executed on that particular day. However, historically returns are 5B per each 50B contract which takes 6-8 weeks to complete. The investor is requred to open a sub-account to the primary POF account adding the platform as a non-depletion signatory. The buying and selling of MTNs will be executed through the sub-account with spreads being split 50/50 between the platform and investor. There is no account blocking requirement but the trade will close if the original POF funds are moved during the trade.

*Program #3.) 3 Day Bullet Trade: Top rated major banks able to issue the required SWIFT MT103 are accepted. 100M minimum, 5B maximum. Cash or bank instruments are acceptable. Historical returns to the investor are 150% paid after the 3 day trade period. The investor then has the option to enter a 10 day bullet trade with 250% investor returns followed by a 40 week trade wtih 50% weekly returns to the investor. The investor is required to issue a SWIFT MT103 to the platform's designated non-depletion trade account. The investor is then added to the account as a co-signatory reducing any risk to the funds. The SWIFT MT103 must be sent within 7 banking days or the transaction will be cancelled with no exceptions.

*Program #4.) 5 Day Bullet Trade: Top rated major banks are accepted. 2B minimum, 10B maximum. Cash only is acceptable. Historical returns are 270% to the investor paid out after the 5 day trade period and can be entered 2 consecutive times. The investor is required to meet a platform representative for a table top meeting (TTM) at a designated trade bank in London to execute the contract. Funds are blocked via administrative hold or SWIFT MT760, MT799 or MT103.

*Program #5.) 30 Day Bullet Trade (SWIFT MT760): Top rated major banks able to issue the required SWIFT MT760 are accepted. 100M minimum, 5B maximum. Cash and bank instruments are acceptable. Historical returns are 225% to the investor over the 30 day trade period paid out every 2 weeks. The program automatically rolls into a 40 week trade with historical returns of 50% per week to the investor after the 30 day bullet is completed. A SWIFTMT760 is required to block the asset for the duration of the program. A 2% advance will be offered within 72 hours of the SWIFT confirmation.

*Program #6.) 30 Day Bullet Trade (SWIFT MT103/KTT 103): Top rated major banks able to issue the required SWIFT MT103 or KTT 103 are accepted. 250M minimum, 5B maximum. Cash or bank instruments are acceptable. Historical returns are 500% to the investor over the 30 day trade period paid out at 125% per week. A SWIFT MT103 or KTT103 is required to block for the duration of the trade. A 3% advance will be offered within 72 hours of SWIFT or KTT confirmation.

*Program #7.) 35 Day Bullet Trade: This program is only for cash accounts deposited in Standard Chartered Hong Kong. Cash accounts starting at 10M are accepted. This program historically pays over 300% per day to the investor over 35 days. There is an advance of 14M paid out before the 35 day trade begins. Funds are blocked via administrative hold.

Top Tier PPP Trade Programs

This information is for eductional purposes only and provided on a best efforts basis whereby principles are responsible for their own decisions. Programs are subject to amendment or revision and can close at any time.

The platform will only trade assets that are currently in the banking system. However, several different blocking mechansims via administrative hold, "ping", SWIFT or KTT are acceptable as well as non-account block programs. Interbank grey screen, Euroclear and DTC are also acceptable to block or screen assets.

Flexible programs offer trades for the following acceptable assets (Note: assets not listed are not acceptable):

1. Cash-1M
2. Certificate of Deposit (CD)-100M
3. Bank Guarantee (BG)-100M
4. Stand by Letter of Credit (SBLC)-100M
5. Medium Term Note (MTN)-100M
6. Bank Draft (BD)-100M
7. Treasuries (T-Strip/T-Bill/T-Note/T-Bond)-100M
8. Credit Line-100M
9. Leased Instrument-500M (SWIFT MT760 block only)
10. Gold-500M
11. Gold Backed Certificate (GBC)-500M
12. Safe Keeping Receipt (SKR)-500M
13. Heritage Funds-500M
14. Promissory Note (PN)-500M
15. Collateralized Mortgage Obligation (CMO)-1B (SBA are not acceptable)

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

the PPP process


I usually don't do this but I feel like warning to some people who have lately received offers to participate in PPP programs. 

Having a look on Internet I am amazed to see how many people are going around giving wrong information to possible clients, especially since the current economic crisis started. 

Although the PPPs exist, it is not that easy to have access to them. In fact, it took me twenty years to have access to one of the five bank traders in the world who are allowed to take on board these type of financial operations. 

When considering investing your money in a PPP, you should know that usually a serious trader will not accept less than 50 million Euros, although the usual amount to invest is 100 million Euros/Dollars. 

The process is the following: the investor (or client) contacts someone with access to the trader. Then, the trader will require the identification of the investor and a series of bank document related to the money to be invested in order to check its origin and to make sure that the money is "clean" before issuing the Due Diligence (this means that the money has not been obtained from illegal operations like drug dealing). 

Then, the client will open a bank account (the trader can also do it) in the bank of his/her election (among the ones allowed to participate in PPPs). The next step is that the trader sends a document to the client asking for his authorization to block the account so the trader could start the program. In general terms, the program lasts for 40 weeks and during that time the money invested remains on its blocked account and only the client (investor) has access to it but cannot touch it. 

This operation generates between 50% to 300% in benefits depending on the money invested and the best is that the risk is none. These benefits will be sent to another account opened by the trader but only accessible to the client, who can retire funds when he wants. 

After 40 weeks, the initial bank account, where the invested money has been deposited, will be unblocked and the client can get the money that he invested.

I will recommend you to be aware of people who require money in advanced (the investor should not pay any money in advanced and even the telephone calls and faxes are paid by the trading platform) and to run away from those who tell you that you can join a PPP with less than 50 million Euros. I have read in some forums that they offer PPPs for $1000!!! which is clearly a fraud. 

Feel free to contact me for more information if you receive an offer and you are not sure about its authenticity.