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Private Placement Program

  • Fox3 finance Limited is an Executive Advisory Services Company on Specialist Banking, Investment and Private Banking, Global Asset and Wealth Management, and has been founded by a team of professionals with a combined 20 years of experience in Specialist Banking. Fox3 finance Limited provides Specialist Banking and Management Advisory Services to High-Net-worth Individuals and Private Investors, Executives and Managers, Institutional Investors, Company & Project Owners, Foundations & Funding Groups and international Organizations, who utilise Sovereign Securities Limited for global banking and management expertise in direct cooperation with European prime banks and Traders (Primary Market), and Associated Corporations and Partners as Team of Professionals, Experts and Academics of different faculties. The Specialist Banking Services include: Capital Investment & Asset Management; Investment and Private Banking & Wealth Management: Facilitation of bank secured Project Funding, Investment and Private Placement Programs (cash deposit, credit line, CD, SKR) conducted by trading platforms / prime banks in direct cooperation with Program Managers and Traders within the European banking system (Primary Market); Financial Transactions and Bank Instruments - Intermediating Buy and Sell (Bank-to-Bank); Project Evaluation, Finance and Development For information on Private Placement Programs, Private Placement Investment, Private Placement Platform, PPP, MTN trading and MTN buy sell programs.
  • Mission
  • Genuine programs are without risk to the investor what so ever, as the credit line raised against the capital is underwritten by the trading group. The (Investor) therefore is involved for the purpose of audit only, as it is by law that Financial institutions are not allowed to participate and therefore have to find a Private entity either a private person or company. At no time are the investor’s or better called Audit Fund Provider’s funds used for the trade.
  • The procedures to enter are simple and fairly standard, however the Audit Fund Provider will have to adhere to strict compliance and non-disclosure. Many claim to be next to traders, this is 99.99% not the case. Traders are very busy people and have no time to sit down and have a chat. Therefore they have a structure in place where the first contact is with a compliance officer who will go through the submission papers and sort out the good from the nonsense.
  • Company Overview
  • Most of the time these programs require the investors to use a portion of their earnings for projects of humanitarian, social, or economic development in nature to make sure that part of these Profits are put back into the economy.
  • Even after deducting the portion of earnings to be used for projects, the investor is still left with a very substantial profit for their own investments.
  • Performing PPP programs are difficult to find and are not always available. Only a very restricted number of high-level traders can get access to these type of programs.
  • Many capable investors have been looking around for PPPs for years and are unable to find a performing provider. Often they have wasted large sums of money by sending MT760’s to banks and so called traders that simply can not perform.
  • Many capable investors have been looking around for PPPs for years and are unable to find a performing provider. Often they have wasted large sums of money by sending MT760’s to banks and so called traders that simply can not perform.

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easy way to make money from online- section - 4

Driving Traffic.
a) New Source – Even MORE Beginner Friendly (Plus Free Money).

Ok, so now onto what I think is the funnest (is that a word?) part. Umm, 
the part that is most fun!! There, that sounds a little better. 
 Anyway, now I get to talk about how I generate traffic.
So here’s the deal, the method that I use to generate traffic has nothing 
to do with Google, Yahoo, (or any of the major search engines for that 
matter). Or any kind of social media or article marketing, or anything 
complicated. It’s something completely different.
And these sources of traffic I’m about to share are particularly good 
because they drive TARGETED TRAFFIC.
This is so important because remember we just want to go after the 
buyers within our market when we’re just starting out, see some results, 
and then expand from there.
What good are thousands of visitors to your website who have no 
interest in your offer – and have absolutely no intention of buying?
People can brag all they want about their ‘server crushing traffic’ or high 
search engine rankings, or YouTube video views or WHATEVER.

But far and away, what value do those visitors really have?
Lots of visitors are great, but we’re here to make some profit…so you 
have to have people who are actually interested in your product or 
TARGETED TRAFFIC is what we’re after here.
And this traffic source delivers BIG.I know for a fact that MANY gurus are using this source of traffic and 

The competition is very low…and the volume of traffic is huge.
And if you do have competitors come onto your turf –
I’m going to show how to make them irrelevant.
Even if you already happen to know about this traffic source 
yourself…I’m going to show you how to completely take over your 
niche. I’m sure there a few thing that will surprise you ;-)
Keep reading, I’m positive you haven’t heard of some of the techniques 
I’m going to show you.
This section is probably the single most important part of this whole 
course. If you really understand this traffic source in depth – you can 
use it for ANYTHING.
Any niche.
Any product.
Any website.
When you control TARGETED traffic – you have the power.
You can do anything online. You can write your own check, for life.
But be careful, as this traffic source can deliver an absolute AVALANCHE 
of traffic ON DEMAND…and it must be controlled properly. That why we 
just want to go after the buyers within the niche we’re promoting – to 
keep it targeted as possible.
So let’s get to it.

DirectCPV is what is called a “Contextual Ad Network”
And that’s great, but that’s only ONE source of this type of traffic. 
And believe me, it works unbelievably well.
Also why I really love them, is they even offer you a free $25 voucher to 
get started. 

I’ve been extremely impressed with DirectCPV – I’ve gotten great results 
and support – and their user interface is incredibly easy to use. I've also 
used (another PPV network) and love them and still 
use it to this day with great results, but I really think is 
great, especially when you’re just starting out. 
Mainly because they’ve made a big point to cater to people just starting 
out, and it’s VERY simple for people to get started with them, and their 
support is INCREDIBLE.
Now, DirectCPV (as well as Leadimpact) is very different than what is 
the normal definition of a “contextual ad network.”
Google’s Content Network can be considered a ‘contextual ad network’ –
the ads they display on WebPages are ‘contextually’ related to the 
content on that page.
An example of this would be a music website with an article about 
guitars serving an ad about guitar lessons – something that is related.
This is somewhat of a difficult distinction to be made when trying to 
define this kind of traffic.
We’ll get more in depth about this, but for our purposes now…know that 
you are sending “contextual traffic.”

If you are sending this type of traffic to an affiliate offer, you need to 
make sure that it accepts contextual traffic (all of the Clickbank offers 
do, and most affiliate offers at other networks do as well). 
Also, some offers will only list that they accept Search Traffic…but 
sometimes if you explain to your affiliate manager (if you are working 
with an affiliate network who assigns you one – most CPA affiliate 
networks do this) what you are doing, they will allow you to send this 
HOWEVER – Remember that you DO NOT need to tell them where 
exactly you are getting your traffic from.
That’s your business.
But it is ok to explain in general terms what you are doing so they are 
comfortable with you and the traffic that you are sending to them.

b) We must Understand, Before We can Control.
DirectCPV’s ad network is much different than a typical ad network. 
While a usual ad network will have a large collection of SITES that you 
can have your advertisements delivered to….DirectCPV on the other 
hand is comprised of a large collection of USERS.
The users opted-in to their network in exchange for free games, 
watching videos, free emoticons….downloading free desktop 
backgrounds, screensavers, or toolbars…many different things.
In exchange for access to this huge amount of free content, the user 
knows that they will be receiving periodic targeted advertisements –
that is, our websites shown to them.
So it’s a win-win for both the ad network, and the user base.
And it’s a win for us, because we get to market to those people.
Users on the network come from all over the world…and ads can be 
targeted to certain geographic regions by country.
DirectCPV’s networks reach is global and you can target users from 
anywhere in the world – and I suggest you do everywhere it is 

profitable to do so. 
Also, I wanted to point out that certain affiliate offers may only accept 
traffic from certain geographic areas (or they may accept traffic from 
everywhere). Remember there is a huge world of traffic out there 
besides just the US, Canada, or the UK.
Think of all the possibilities out there for this. 

Especially if you speak a language other than English (even if you don’t 
you can still use a translation service or software to do the translating 
for you). You can target users in many different countries in their native 
language. The markets and possibilities are wide open. 
However, there are a lot of misconceptions concerning this source of 
Many people may confuse DirectCPV as a spyware network. 
Couldn’t be further from the truth.
DirectCPV can be considered an Adware, or opt-in network. 
There is a MAJOR difference.
Spyware is malicious software that is usually installed onto a user’s 
computer without their consent. And it can do anything from tracking 
your browsing activity, to stealing your passwords and personal 
information. Spyware is also often extremely (if not impossible) to 
uninstall or remove from your computer once you are infected with it. 
Spyware is very dangerous.

DirectCPV’s software has nothing to do with being bad or dangerous. 
Their advertising software is installed onto a user’s computer only 
when that users requests it and knowingly opts-in to download it. It 
does not track user behavior or collect any personal information. Also, 
DirectCPV makes it very easy for the user to uninstall the software 
should they want to stop receiving advertisements. 
Even people ‘in the know’ sometimes get confused with the difference 
between Adware and Spyware. And because of that, a lot of the time 
there is a negative feeling towards Adware. 
In the past there have been adware companies that were….well, let’s say 
less than respectable….who made it VERY difficult for users to uninstall 
their software (or they installed it without the user’s request and 
These companies are no longer around anymore. But they’ve managed 
to generate a lot of bad publicity out there regarding this type of traffic 
which no longer is true.
Remember, DirectCPV wants to provide real value to its user base. It is 
not in their best interest to deliver too many advertisements to their 
users or annoy them. If DirectCPV burns out the user base and the users 
get tired, they will uninstall the software – and DirectCPV no longer has 
a business.
What is probably the coolest thing about the whole DirectCPV Ad 
Platform, is the fact that you can deliver your advertisement at the 
EXACT moment the user is searching for a similar or service.
The user doesn’t have to click on an ad or anything, they are just taken
DIRECTLY to your site!
Do you see how powerful this is???!
The users does not even have to click through to get to your site – you 
can just deliver your ENTIRE sales message directly from your website 
right to the user at the EXACT moment they are MOST interested (more 
on this later). And you can do all of this for pennies on the dollar.
How does DirectCPV do this?
So for example, say a user is searching for “how to play guitar” and you 
have a guitar or music website – at the very moment that user is 
searching, DirectCPV will have your entire webpage show up in a new 
browser window in front of the webpage they are viewing – giving them 
exactly what they are looking for. 

c) The Profit is in the Fundamentals.
Ok, now here’s how your ad will actually be triggered in DirectCPV’s 
Ads are served based on the contents on the URL in the user’s current 
browser window.
In other words, what is says in the address bar – DirectCPV reads that to 
see what the searcher is looking for.
So for our webpage to be shown, we have to be targeting a word or 
phrase contained within that URL (or we can target the ENTIRE URL –
which is another great way to get traffic).
For example, check out what the URL looks like if someone types in a 

search in Google looking for “guitar lessons”

Here is what the URL looks like after the search….
For example, if you were bidding on the term “guitar lessons” in your ad 
campaign, your ad would be triggered.
This is because DirectCPV read the search URL –
And was able to see the term ‘guitar+lessons’ within that URL – so 
DirectCPV would then show your webpage to that user searching for 
that term.
Be aware though, that DirectCPV can only read the URLs….so if you are 
targeting very wide keywords (like targeting just the word “guitar”), 
you may get a lot of traffic that may not be as targeted as you want.
Since it’s the “guitar+lessons” that DirectCPV actually reads, if you bid 
on “guitar lesson” (without the letter ‘s’)…your ad would still be 
triggered because your ‘guitar lesson’ is still found in the search URL.

For example if you are just bidding on the word “guitar” then your ad 
can be trigger by all kinds of combinations like –
“guitar lesson”
“cheap guitar”
“where can I sell my guitar”

Even things like “” or “”
The keyword phrase that you are targeting can be ANYWHERE in the 
Again, this presents a VERY unique opportunity because you can also 
target the ENTIRE URL.
Unlike buying keywords on the Google search network, where you are 
only targeting keyword phrases, on DirectCPV you can also target entire 
If I continue with the Guitar Lessons example….say I’m trying to sell a 
book on what to make sure you know before you buy your first guitar…
Doing a quick search through I found a great section with 
information on buying guitars….
Do you think that the people who are visiting that exact page are 
interested in what I have to offer? The answer is yes, you can’t really get 
a better match than that.

So….I would target that entire URL in my ad campaign.
Then my ad (my entire landing page) would be shown to people visiting 
that exact page. 
This technique alone is SO powerful. The traffic that you get is 
sometimes small and sometimes big, but it is EXTREMEMLY targeted. 
And really, think of how many WebPages there are out there like that –
MILLIONS. Actually, there’s BILLIONS of WebPages out there. The 
possibilities are almost hard to conceive. 
This is one of the reasons why the opportunity here is so enormous and 
wide open. There is so much traffic out there. Think of everything that you can target. And there are more and more WebPages being created 
every hour. The opportunity just keeps growing with time.

d)More Effective, and WAY Cheaper.
Now with DirectCPV’s ad platform, not only does your full landing page 
get shown to the user exactly at the moment that they are searching for 
your product or service…but you are able to do it at an incredibly low 
DirectCPV’s pricing structure is based on Cost Per View (CPV). So you 
are charged every time your ad is ‘viewed’ which is every time your ads 
pops-up as a new browser window for the user.
This is a lot different than the pricing structure common on Google for 
example, where you would normally be doing Pay Per Click (PPC) and 
being billed on a Cost Per Click (CPC) basis. With CPC, you are billed 
every time someone clicks on your ad to get to your website. With CPV,
you are billed every time someone goes DIRECTLY to your website. You 
website is essentially the ad itself.
And this is great, because the fewer steps there are that separate the 
user from the action you want them to take (whether that’s to sign up to 
your newsletter, fill a questionnaire, buy a product, etc.) the better. 
Very recently when I started a new campaign with DirectCPV, one of my 
markets was a highly competitive niche where bid prices on Google 
Adwords (Google’s Ad Platform) were regularly $3.00 PER CLICK and 
On DirectCPV, it was $0.01 PER VIEW
Yes, 1 cent.That’s such a small fraction of the cost on Google!!
However, keep in mind…when you are paying PER CLICK on another ad 
network such as Google…you have the ability to pre-qualify your traffic 
a bit more (like giving your prospect more information up front in your 
ad)…so remember to make sure that your ads are very targeted for the 
buyers in your niche.
That is the power of this network. Most minimum bids (depending on 
the advertising category) start at $0.01. 
DirectCPV’s pricing system is easily my favorite part. 
Unlike Google, DirectCPV’s pricing system is an auction based pricing 
system dictated COMPLETELY by PRICE. 
NOT Quality Score.
NOT Click Through Rate.
NOT the amount of page content on your site.
NOT the Page Rank of your webpage.
NOT the age of your site.
NOT your incoming link reputation.
This is AMAZING. With Google (or any of the other search engines I 
tried) there are so many complicated rules and they always seem to be 
So much stuff about “algorithm changes” and “Google slaps” it’s so 
BUT it’s important if you’re advertising on Google.
But we’re not

…and we play by a different set of rules.
Your website, and your ad targets (‘targets’ can either be keyword 
phrases, or URLs/Domains) are all reviewed manually (by a real human 
Don’t get too concerned though…they are very quick about this. 
Generally the approval process will take about 1 business day (even for 
HUGE keyword lists).
Anyway…all of your websites and keyword and domain targets go 
under manual review. So it is up to that person to determine if your 
webpage is relevant for the people you are intending to market to.
Once your ads are approved, then the amount of traffic you receive for 
each keyword or URL target is COMPLETELY based on your bid rank in 
relation to the other people bidding on that same keyword or URL 
If you are the top bidder, you receive the most traffic. Simple as that.
And that’s it.
There’s no having to deal with all those crazy rules all the time. 
DirectCPV is still concerned about their user’s experience and that your 
marketing is relevant, but it doesn’t make good business sense for them 
to make all of those other rules like Google has.
Here’s why….
Since DirectCPV’s pricing is CPV (Cost Per View) based, they have no 
need for all of those rules because they are paid EVERYTIME your ad is 
shown. So it is in their financial best interest to not change their rules.
The reason why Google has so many rules regarding quality and 
relevancy is because they need to maximize their revenue, but their 
revenue is heavily dependent on a website visitor’s ACTION.

Whereas DirectCPV serves ads to their user base AUTOMATICALLY, 
getting paid EACH time it is shown….
Google on the other hand may show your ad, but it might not get paid 
for doing so. This is because the person or business who placed that ad 
is paying on a “Pay Per Click” basis, and Google only gets paid if the 
website visitor actually CLICKS on the ad.
Google is dependent on the visitor to TAKE ACTION and CLICK on their 
This is why quality and relevancy are so important to Google, and why 
they are constantly changing their rules for advertisers. 
Ads that are more relevant and generate higher click through rates 
mean more clicks for Google and more money for them.
This is all because there is one extra step that the Google users have to 
take (actually clicking on the ad).
Since DirectCPV serves the ad as an entire landing page….the user does 
not need to click through, they are already maximizing their revenue.
They run a very smart, simple business model.
And it’s great for us, because we can capitalize on that simplicity.
And not have to worry about all the crazy rules changing all the time.

easy way to make money from online- section - 3

Step by Step Example - Clickbank
So now I’m going to do an example for exactly how to do this…
So for picking an offer I want to promote, I want it as brain dead simple
as possible for me…
So what I do is pick what is already working the best (groundbreaking

strategy I know lol)…

The real trick to this ENTIRE PROCESS of making money online is - is
targeting buyers within the niche (more on this later), but before we get
to that we have to pick out offer first.
So say I want to promote a offer in the Fitness Niche (Which is also a
great thing to promote as a beginner, because there are SO many
subniches (weight loss, running, swimming, heart health, etc) and there
are so many buyer type keyword phrases that you can go after and

First, I’m going to go to –

The higher the gravity a product has, it means that more people are 
promoting it and driving more sales to it.
Remember to WELCOME COMPETITION. It’s a great sign that there is A 
LOT of success to be had there.
The real lesson to take from this is PICK WHAT IS ALREADY WORKING.
Whatever the niche you are going after, try to go with what is already 
succeeding. There is a reason why it is already successful – and the great 
thing for us is we’re about to LEVERAGE that success for our own use.
Hahaha, so yeah….that’s pretty much it.
I wish I could make it seem more complicated for you (so you’d think 
I’m smarter or something :-D, but I really can’t over complicate this.
It’s the main reason for my success and it’s what I continue to do to this 
day – promote what is already working.
Picking an offer is great and a very important part of the equation, but 
where the real fun begins is when we start driving traffic – and you are 
really in for a treat there!!!

easy way to make money from online- section - 2

Niche Selection
a) Simpler than You Think
Ok so now with the basics out of the way – let’s get to step one in our
process –
Step #1 - Niche Selection/Doing Your Research
Step #2 - Targeting “Buyers” First
Step #3 - Expanding the Business
So the way that I do my Niche Selection and Research is possibly a bit
different than what you may hear elsewhere.

Some people tell you to go after markets with little to no competition, or
the little known golden nuggets out there…whatever…I don’t believe in
that, it takes WAY more sweat and tear necessary to make that line of
thinking profitable for you…

I want the easy route instead…
This is basically what it comes down to for me.

Leverage the Success of Others.

I like to promote what is ALREADY doing well.
For example if I’m promoting an offer through, I’m going
to choose one of their most successful offers to promote.
Learn to WELCOME competition. If a lot of other people are also
promoting a product or services it means that it must be working well
for them – and this provides a huge OPPORTUNITY for us.Particularly with the way that I’m going to show you how I drive large
amounts of TARGETED traffic. ;-)
I hear a lot of people say in business that you should ‘pick something
your passionate about’
….like that’s the standard business mantra or something.
And I do agree with that phrase…but I must clarify one thing…
It helps to be interested in the area you’re promoting, because it can be
more fun that way 
What I think is even more important than the subject matter of the
niche you’re promoting, is to be passionate about the PROCESS.
It’s the PROCESS behind your ACTIONS that are the biggest factor to
your success.

To be honest, I’ll promote products in markets I have no personal
interest in whatsoever….in fact, the products and services themselves
could actually pretty boring to me! :-P
But that’s not the part that gets me excited, it’s the PROCESS behind
what I’m doing! That’s the part I love!
I love going into new niches, targeting the buyers within that niche (like
I’m about to show you how to do), and repeating the process over and
over to grow my business and cash in.
So let’s get to it!!

b) How to Approached Different Markets/Niches

To me, there are three main “Superniches” that will never ever go out of


They are – Health, Wealth, and Relationships

And these categories don’t fail no matter the state of the economy,

people are ALWAYS interested in these categories (it’s not something
like ‘dining out’ or ‘movie rentals’ that people usually will cut back on in
hard economic times)…
But speaking of dining out, what would be a good idea would be to sell
‘how to save money dining out’ or ‘how to save money taking a girl out
on a date’….something like that….I’m just brainstorming now 

But anyway, back to my point…

These ‘super’ niches can be broken down into subniches – For
Health can be things like –
a. Fitness
b. Weight Loss
c. Lower Cholesterol
d. Improve your Golf game (like targeting athletes).

Wealth can be –
o Making More Money
o How to Save Money (like get cheaper insurance, or credit cards)o Coupons (for deal shoppers)
o Job Searches.

Relationships can be –
o Dating Advice
o Personal Growth/Life Fulfillment
o Hobbies
o Travel/Gifts
The reason that I even mention the idea of “Superniches” and
“Subniches” is that this is the way I think of everything that I promote
online, no matter how large or small the market is.
It helps me really drive deep into the market and find more traffic and
more money.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

wow... finally we found the way to make money

Starting Over
I’m starting over from scratch. 
And man I’m excited!
Starting over has been on my mind a lot actually…
As I’m writing this right now I’m in my hotel room in downtown San
Francisco. It’s been really a week of contrasts, but particularly here in
San Francisco. Yesterday when I arrived at the airport, a friend of mine
picked me up to hang out for a bit.
I’ve never been to this city and he wanted to give me a proper tour 
My friend is not really an online guy (he’s a real estate investor and
owns a bunch of antique stores across the US)….but oddly enough, I got
to know him better through my business online.
Anyway, some of the things I saw here is what really got me thinking….
First off, the city is great…but unfortunately there are a lot of less
fortunate people here and a lot are homeless. Even as I’m writing this I
can see many outside of my hotel window.

However, this is a big difference to some of the other people in the city.
There are some of the most successful people and companies in the
world here. Some of the biggest tech companies are right in the city’s
backyard – Google, Oracle, Apple, Craigslist…you name it.
Some people have nothing, and some have A LOT.
What really got me thinking about ‘starting over’ though was my friend
He has his hands in so many things (from cooking, to painting, to
photography, traveling, and all kinds of business ventures) and is
overall just a pretty interesting dude.

One of the things he does is race sailboats, so yesterday he took me to
hang out at the San Francisco Yacht Club. Not really my thing, I like
more of a low key setting, but it was an interesting experience to say the
Needless to say, it was beautiful. It was a bright sunny day, and we were
of course right on the water. There was a huge park nearby and a ton of
people were outside running, playing with their dogs, or whatever.
Overall, just a great day to be outside!
There was some great food there, and some ridiculously expensive
yachts docked in the harbor. These things were HUGE. They had to have
cost millions upon millions of dollars. Hard to almost comprehend.
But it was right there in front of me. Somebody has to own these yachts,
they didn’t just come out of thin air.
This got me thinking…
It made me think of how things were when I was starting out online. I
would work all day at my day job (actually I had two jobs), and then
work at night on the internet trying to figure this all out. I could barely
conceive that success even EXISTED in the first place online, let alone
seeing people have MASSIVE success online.

But it was right there in front of me. Story after story of people making
big bucks online. Heck, I didn’t even care about the “big money”….I just
wanted to make enough to be comfortable and NOT WORRY ABOUT
It was right there in front of me, I just had to get STARTED somehow.
So anyway, back to my friend...
We parted ways midway through the afternoon, because he had to take
care of some other business for his antique stores.

With the economy still pretty bad at the moment, I thought that things
may be slowing down for him….but I soon realized something MUCH
With the economy as bad as it is, and other stores going out of business–
he was buying up everything left and right at bargain prices as fast as he
His business was actually GROWING.
He’s been in that business forever it seems, and there’s a couple things
I’ve been able to learn from him that have been invaluable.
And interestingly, the things I’ve learned from him were a lot of things I
was ALREADY doing online when I first started (which I’ve now realized
was a HUGE factor in my success).
One lesson I’ve learned from my friend is his business is NOT about the
antiques, it’s about the business PROCESS.
It doesn’t matter what you’re selling, what matters is that you follow the
correct PROCESS

Another thing I learned is that he’s not the smartest guy (he’s street
smart don’t get me wrong, but he’s by far NOT a genius). He didn’t go to
some Ivy League University or have a bunch of rich friends or
connections. He just found what works. AND HE’S KEPT DOING WHAT
It made me think about how I’ve managed my business online since I
first started.
The reason for my consistent success was just because I kept doing
what works. That’s it.
And I’ve realized that if I had to start all over TODAY. I would do the
exact same thing I did THREE YEARS AGO when I first started out.

Which I think is really interesting, especially with all of the changes that
the internet has seen.
The reason I would still start over in the same way is because when I
first started – I made sure to make it all about the PROCESS. I was tired
of all of the rules and details associated with getting my site ranked on
the search engines, or using Google Adwords only to get ‘slapped’ and
have my costs skyrocket overnight. I was tired of the usual article
marketing, blog posting, or whatever else was the hot topic of the
moment (social network (like Myspace and Facebook) didn’t really exist
a couple years ago – otherwise I would have probably wasted even
more time trying to get that to work!).
And because of that, and focusing on the PROCESS more than anything
else, my business has been immune to a lot of the challenges I’ve seen
other internet business owners face over the last few years.
It all comes down to the PROCESS.
And the way I generate traffic is STABLE and not subject to all of the
changing rules (like on Google, Facebook, etc) that can kill a business
overnight without warning.

And traffic is the backbone of online business.
Whether you’re a beginner or advanced, success still comes down to a
few simple things.

So that’s why I’m always EXCITED to ‘start over’ because if I test out a
new market, or technique, I know that my chances for success are
greatly improved because I’m following the same process that continues
to work.

a) First Things First
Many of the success and failures (which are never actually failure as
long as you learn something from it) come down to making sure that
what you are doing fits within the correct PROCESS for how things
should be done, and thought about.
Now I know that a lot of people just want things done and they don’t
care how it works. I’m going to give a lot of ‘copy and paste’ examples,
don’t worry about that ;-)
But behind it all is the REASON things work, and that is the most
important part.
When you know WHY something is happening, then it is MUCH easier to
repeat that success and GROW it.
So as you continue to read here, just make sure that you focus on the
strategies themselves and keep them in the front of your mind ALWAYS.

b) Stop Being so Hard on Yourself!
One more thing that I need to mention is – DON’T BE AFRAID TO START
One thing that can lead to a lot of frustration is not giving yourself
enough time, or even giving yourself enough credit for what you have
done and are doing.
Even the fact that you’re reading this right now goes to show how
committed you are to your success and that you’re already taking action
towards making it happen.

Anyway, the point I’m trying to make is a bit off topic….just I’ve seen
some people get kind of discouraged that they were ONLY making a few
dollars per day online.
The thing that those people need to realize is that is FANTASTIC and
they should be CONGRATULATED for it.
NOT discouraged that it’s ‘only a couple of dollars per day’
‘A couple of dollars per day’ is EXACTLY what we want. It’s the initial
success that can be GROWN.
And if you’ve never marketed anything online before (which is
TOTALLY fine, since every single one of us started in that
position…myself included)…you main goal is just to make your first sale
or newsletter subscriber or lead generated (whichever the goal of your
marketing is).
So anyway, don’t feel like you have to make a million dollars overnight
or some super high income. You don’t need that pressure on yourself in
the first place, and plus, the way to actually make a million dollars
STARTS with just making a couple of dollars a day.
Making the first bit of money is what it’s all about!

c) If You Don’t Follow This, You’ll be in for a Big 
And don’t even get intimidated with all the fancy terms and hype being
through around nowadays. Internet marketing (and affiliate
marketing…which is just a type of internet marketing where you
promote other people’s products) really ALWAYS boils down to 3

1. Niche Selection/Doing Your Research
2. Targeting the “Buyers” in your Niche (this is the most important 
3. Expanding the Business.

And each one builds on one another. If you do your research properly,

then you’ll be able to target the buyers better (people that will use your
product or services your promoting), and then you’ll be able to expand
your business easier and faster.
The problem that I see a lot of people have is they do this BACKWARDS!
They start off and want to promote their site, product or service. They
think it’s so great, they say “EVERYONE should have this right? My
product is just that great!”
So they try to EXPAND THE BUSINESS immediately. Bad move.
They’ll start up a big ad campaign, put in a ton of advertisements, and
then wonder why they didn’t have success.
That’s not the way to go about it…
EVERYONE does NOT want your product or service.
No matter how good it is, it’s just the way of the world.
Don’t try to go after everyone all at once.
We’re just after the people who are most targeted (which I show you

exactly how to find them very soon)…

Again, don’t feel bad giving yourself more TIME to build and succeed.
It’s ok to start things on a smaller scale – it’s smarter that way. We’re
building a business anyway, not some ‘here today, gone tomorrow’
success. We’re in it for the long term riches.

d) Making Your First Sale – Proof of Concept
Probably one of the most valuable keys and bits of knowledge that I
carry with me all the time is knowing that everything starts small.
And when I’m talking about ‘small’ I mean ‘one’.
As in –
One sale.
One lead.
One client.
One visitor.
Whatever your goal is, they’re always a first time for everything.

And that is the goal – just to get ONE of whatever you are trying to do,
then duplicate that success OVER AND OVER AGAIN.
You can’t make millions of dollars without making one dollar first.
Sometimes even the biggest thing of all is proving to YOURSELF that
what you are doing is working.
Just focus on getting that FIRST goal complete under your belt.
Just follow the process described before of –

Picking Your Niche/Doing Your Research
Targeting “Buyers”
Expanding the Business
And you’ll be able to complete that FIRST goal, and continue to grow
your success.
e) Beginning the Process, and a Couple of Questions
Within this course I’m going to reveal more traffic strategies, more
landing pages strategies, and more action steps to remove as much of
the guesswork for you as possible for whatever you are promoting.
This is all about ACTION! I’m going to give you step by step instructions
and action items throughout the entire process so you can copy, paste,
and profit with the minimum amount of work (and headache) involved.
However, it’s all comes down to the fundamentals, so don’t be afraid to
review the basics here again. It will help you SOOO much as you begin to
really scale your traffic into other sources (and there are LOTS that I’m
about to get to ;-)
So here we go!… ;-)
For anyone completely unfamiliar to internet marketing, I just want to
take a few minutes and explain the general format for making money
And if you’re more advanced, feel free to skim over this section, or using
it as a great refresher course. I follow the same process every time I’m
starting a new project or going after a new niche.
The fundamentals don’t change, no matter what the new ‘fancy pants’
technique is out now.

So basically, when you are driving traffic online, there are two ways to 

make money.
1. As a Merchant (Product/Service Owner)
2. As an Affiliate (where you promote the Product/Service that is
owned by someone else)
I’ve done both and they both have their advantages.
I’m going to focus on being an affiliate, because all of the exact same
tactics that I’m going to show you can be applied in ANY market, and if
you have your own product or website….then you just direct the traffic
to your site instead 
I particularly like affiliate marketing (promoting other people’s
products and services) because you can just focus on the marketing side
of things. And generally it is the part of the business that has the most

leverage…and FLEXIBLITY.

You don’t have to worry about customer service, product fulfillment,
operations management, or anything like that.
You just focus on driving targeted traffic, and it can be VERY profitable.
So basically what you do as an affiliate is direct online visitors to a
website (through your affiliate link (so they can tell you are sending the
visitor their way)).
Then… on that website of the merchant, you get paid every time a
website visitor that you sent them completes an action (this action
could be when the visitor buys a product, completes a form, enters their
email, or something like that…the action you get paid for will be clear to
you before you start promoting).
The amount you are paid by the merchant is called your ‘commission.’
Here’s a Diagram for how this works –
If you’ve still very fresh to internet marketing and you may have 
questions now, don’t worry as this will make more sense as you begin to 
follow the steps.
ALSO – if there are terms that are unclear to you at all, remember that 
there is a glossary of terms for you in the members area as well that you 
can refer to! 
So back to the good stuff about affiliate marketing…
You can either do business with merchants directly, or through an 
affiliate network.
Affiliate networks are businesses that connect merchants (who own the 
products) with large numbers of affiliates (like us) who know how to 
market online and promote their products.
With an affiliate network, it’s a win-win situation, the merchant can 
focus on their customer service and all of their business operations, and 
the affiliates can focus on driving traffic.
I HIGHLY recommend working through an affiliate network instead of 
working directly with a merchant. 
Affiliate networks have SO many advantages and security…
You know you’re always going to get paid (the affiliate networks are 
long established companies with huge budgets).

They offer top products and services that you can promote that almost 
always are proven to convert (meaning for the traffic you send them, 
their sales process should be good…you do your part in sending them 
targeted traffic, and they do theirs in creating sales pages that are high 
performing and very appealing to make people buy). Meaning more 
money for you as an affiliate.

Also affiliate networks can offer better support and marketing tools for 
you as an affiliate to help you with your business. 
There are a lot of affiliate networks that you can find offers to promote, 
here are the top ones I recommend, and an overview of each -

Great Network, specializes in digital download 
products. Huge selection, with a great variety of different offers to 

Huge amount of ‘branded offers’ like 
household name brands’ products to promote. More geared toward 
physical products.

There’s also a lot of other affiliate networks known as ‘CPA networks’ 
(‘Cost Per Action’ networks) – they offer lots of great product to 
promote and ALSO…lots of ‘lead generation’ type offers to promote as 
With lead generation for example, you could get paid for every time a 
visitor you directed fills out their information to receive an insurance 
quote (there’s a lot of other ‘lead’ type offers beside insurance, just this 
is one example).
And some offers are even as simple as you get paid everything someone 
just submits their postal mailing code! 
Remember, it’s just ‘lead generation’…you’re just generating leads as an 
There are a TON of CPA networks and honestly there isn’t much 
different between them all.
The reason there is so many of them is because this industry online is 

You see, a lot of these CPA networks were started by affiliates who did 
REALLY well (made millions and millions of dollars just as affiliates) 
and then wanted to continue to scale their business (so they started a 
So that’s why you’ll see a lot of CPA networks (which is still an affiliate 
network, just more geared toward lead generation)…and also why you’ll 
see a LOT of similar products and services between them….
The internet is just so HUGE!!! There’s just so much money to be made, 
it’s just a matter of tapping into it properly and following a proven 
process. Which is exactly what you’re in store for…

If you want to promote offers through a CPA network, just go to Google 
and search “CPA network” and you can find one that is right for you 
after a few minutes of research.
Here are a few for example for you to check out – 
(has nothing to do with Clickbank, although their names sound similar )
CPA networks are just another kind of affiliate network, just like 
Clickbank or Commission Junction. 
Clickbank though by far is the easiest to get started with and begin 
picking an offer to promote.
I particularly like Clickbank because they automatically breakdown 
their products into “Superniches” and then farther down into “Sub 
niches” which I’ll get into more detail later on.
It makes it really easy to brainstorm and do your research for the type 
of buyers you will be going to target (that is, the type of visitors you will 
be driving to these offers in order to generate commissions (money) for