Thursday, November 21, 2013

In general terms PPP for clients

·         We don’t charge a single cent upfront. We only charge 10% commission OVER THE BENEFITS OF THE CLIENT, NEVER BEFORE. This means that if we don’t do our work and the client does not obtain benefits, we will not get paid (but this never happen as our trader always delivers).
·         The expenses derived from the operation, like MT 760, etc… are paid by the trader, not the client.
·         The funds invested in the program will ALWAYS remain in the account of the client.
·         We will ONLY open accounts in the name of the client where he or she could receive the benefits.
·         The client will block the funds participating in the program only after signing the contract and agree with its terms.
·         The profitability of the program will be given to the client by the trader a few days before the signing of the contract and it will be included in the contract (usually between 250% and 400% annually). In the rare event that the trader does not provide the promised profitability, the client can cancel the contract with ZERO COST and keep the benefits generated up to the moment.
·         We strongly recommend the clients to be accompanied by a lawyer or a consultant at the moment of the signature of the contract. The client is also entitled to bring with him a translator in the case that his/her mother tongue is not English as all contracts are written in English. We want our clients to feel completely sure before signing and to check that everything is legal and transparent.

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