Thursday, November 21, 2013

The process: PPP

·         We require clients to fill some document that will serve the trader to check whether or not the funds and the client are suitable to enter in a program. If the client is suitable, the trader will issue a due diligence and require an unofficial trading contract to the bank.
·         At this point, I will require the client to update his information as the banks only allow five days old proof of funds and RWA in order to issue the official trading contract. As you may know, the banks consider a document out of days after 5 days.
·         Once we have this information, the trader will calculate the profitability and issue the contract. In the meantime, I will ask (through you) the client to sign the commissions of the platform (do be charged over benefits). This commission will be included in the contract and the trader will contact the client to arrange the meeting and signature of the contract. Then, the trader will identify himself to the client and show him his license, if he wishes so. The trader will also send a copy of the contract to the client and will give the client the exact profitability of his program.

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