Tuesday, July 30, 2013

easy way to make money from online- section - 3

Step by Step Example - Clickbank
So now I’m going to do an example for exactly how to do this…
So for picking an offer I want to promote, I want it as brain dead simple
as possible for me…
So what I do is pick what is already working the best (groundbreaking

strategy I know lol)…

The real trick to this ENTIRE PROCESS of making money online is - is
targeting buyers within the niche (more on this later), but before we get
to that we have to pick out offer first.
So say I want to promote a offer in the Fitness Niche (Which is also a
great thing to promote as a beginner, because there are SO many
subniches (weight loss, running, swimming, heart health, etc) and there
are so many buyer type keyword phrases that you can go after and

First, I’m going to go to Clickbank.com –

The higher the gravity a product has, it means that more people are 
promoting it and driving more sales to it.
Remember to WELCOME COMPETITION. It’s a great sign that there is A 
LOT of success to be had there.
The real lesson to take from this is PICK WHAT IS ALREADY WORKING.
Whatever the niche you are going after, try to go with what is already 
succeeding. There is a reason why it is already successful – and the great 
thing for us is we’re about to LEVERAGE that success for our own use.
Hahaha, so yeah….that’s pretty much it.
I wish I could make it seem more complicated for you (so you’d think 
I’m smarter or something :-D, but I really can’t over complicate this.
It’s the main reason for my success and it’s what I continue to do to this 
day – promote what is already working.
Picking an offer is great and a very important part of the equation, but 
where the real fun begins is when we start driving traffic – and you are 
really in for a treat there!!!

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